Tuesday, January 4, 2011

“Strength united becomes stronger”

“Strength united becomes stronger”
St. Luigi Orione

From this moment, you have started a new stage of your life. We entrust you to
Sr. Maria Margaret
as a guider of your postulancy journey.
All of us will accompany you with prayers, so that your preparation may bring the fruits of sanctity and committed apostolicity.

We take this opportunity to express our gratitude for accepting us to be part of you by entering  postulancy stage in this congregation on 1st January 2011.
We are very happy to be welcomed warmly by the entire community. We are looking forward to unite our strength to make it stronger during our formation for the service of god through His people.
Pray for us as we pray for you and may God bless you.
Assumpter, Jane and Terensia

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  1. Bello! Tanti auguri alle nuove Postulanti. Da Roma prego per onguna di voi, per Sr. Margaret... perchè iniziate un tempo molto importante nella sequela di Gesù. Saluti anche a tutta la Comunità!
    Sr. M. Mabel